Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Those Monthly Blues!!!

Ok we all get them, right? I am even convinced men do too, and just fail to admit it. So I wake up this morning and, I am not in the mood to exercise, I am not talking about just tired, but so entwined with my feelings of woe that I set down and eat the last part of Emma's birthday cake, yummy chocolate with whipped buttercream icing. Someone tell me why in the world I press through eating the hardness of it(since it was uncovered in the fridge for 2 days) COME ON ALREADY!

I guess it's like a rollercoaster, better yet a tidal wave. The emotions of working so hard to stay healthy and feeling like around every corner of change there is another crest that's about to come crashing down on top of me plunging me into an icy depth. (that icy depth, btw, would be that buttercream icing and the occasional ice cream bar) :() Well I believe my venture looks like this poor surfer, who is crouched so low with the curve of this wave, never to be able to make it through to the other side and stand back up. My  body has become a machine that acts fully against my wishes. No matter how much I will it to get up and move, it just wants to act like I am super glued to the chair, or any other surface my derrier may be touching at that point!

Why not just stop there? I am doomed, I do not feel like exercise today. I feel like going straight back to bed, pulling the covers over my foggy head and staying there until sleep once again finds me. But what do I do.....I chuck the icing smudged bowl into the sink, just one more thing to do later, And find myself speaking strength into my own ears, WHO DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN!!!! Ok so I only did a 30 minute workout this morning, SO WHAT!? Ok, Ok I know I am not being very helpful here but, good gracious, I mean it's that time of the month.
Ok so I plunged through the workout, ate some carrots and a banana for lunch and am heading for an interview soon. Just another day of blogging. I hope someone out there knows the way I feel today. And if you don't then, O well. It's a woman's prerogative!!! Right?............>            Right!

Maybe it will be better tomorrow....Carry on...............Peace peeps!!!

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  1. LOL - I like how you portrayed it, very good. I had that kind of day yesterday (the eating part) but the exercise part is daily. My body doesn't listen to me either.