Friday, October 26, 2012

Another New thing......

      So I am excited for the first time, EVER!! I just got in from visiting the Rush Fitness comples here in Knoxville. I must say that I am not one for showing my body while exercising. In fact, I have been one to shy away from gyms, because of my body. This is something that I have built over years and years of poor dieting and self-loathing, I should be proud.....Rome wasn't built in a day; well, neither will my new body be reconstructed overnight. It will be built piece by piece, kind of like.....well the masterpiece below! :)
Boy I bet these guys didn't struggle with losing weight while building these beauties!!!

       Let me just start by saying that Matt, the manager there, showed me nothing but the utmost respect! He was very intuitive and sensed my nervousness, while talking the whole time while I was on the tour/exercising. I have to say that I am so excited about the programs and equipment there that I was sold pretty much from the time I walked in. But it was Matt and the other trainers that I met who really made my day!

      I would love to say that I can commit, right off the start, to a trainer, but that is something I can't decide without some more thought. I will say that I am stoked at the low price and options for membership that they had!

     While working out, I saw many other people who looked better than me, and that usually is where my low-self esteem would have kicked in and led me never to go back. But, shocker.....I didn't feel like I was worse off than anyone else! I was so very honest with them about my goals, my blogging and my personal interests in exercising, and feel that led me into the stage of "I can so do this!!!"

     Ok, for anyone who knows me, they know that I am a quitter!  There I said it, I have been all my life! I will start things, then get tired, bored or just fed up and quit! I mean, I would love to look like this:
 But let's face it; That is NOT me!!!

(Emma wants to be a princess for Halloween) My little helper just gave me some valuable info to type in there for you guys!  LOL

     Ok back to it! I realized by starting this blog that I am holding myself accountable to this routine. I have made little changes day to day that have been easily adaptable and am making it ok up til now. I think by joining this gym that I will have someone to see on a day-to-day basis that will hold me more accountable than I hold myself. Let's face it, even the most dedicated person can slip sometimes, right?  Well this is going to be something that I see myself getting pumped about daily! Somewhere I can go where people will see my changes up close and personal(OH_NO) and I will feel that support system that I so badly need!

      Well I guess that I can get off of here and start dinner, Grilled chicken breast and baked potato with a great spinach salad..........

Keep it going.....Peace Peeps!!!

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