Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23, 2012

This would normally be a day when I lose myself completely in the grief of knowing that my middle child turns 12 today.

Happy Birthday Lillie!!!

 The grief is that I have not seen her in 8 years, almost to the day. I have, in years past, drown myself in sorrow, self-pity and tons of food, giving myself the day-pass on the acceptance that I deserve it, because I did it myself.

I do get the chance to see pictures through the "grapevine" every once in a while. This one is one of her this past summer with some family of her father's. Isn't she just beautiful!!!??

I can remember the last time that I had a chance to see her and refuse to go because of my fear of how much "damage" I could do to her father. Boy, Hindsight really is 20/20!!! 

I guess I have apologized to my mother about enough times to start writing Hallmark cards for a living!!  LOL

But seriously, the things that we do to ourselves in the name of self-loathing is really pitiful!

Well, this year, I am not doing that! I refuse to buckle under the weight of the enemy, sometimes my mind is the enemy. Anyone identify with that feeling? Or am I the only person EVER to have struggled with this?

I found this on a great FB page called Contentment Now! Is it not just the coolest picture...sure wish my body could do that!!!!

Well to counter act any depression, I could give into, I am aiming to do nothing but put good healthy things into my body!!!


Let me show you what is for breakfast before I start out on my 4 mile trek this morning:



I concocted my very own version of the detox juice with :
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2Honeycrisp(organic, locally grown) apples
2 big handfuls of baby spinach, organic
juice of 1 lemon
2 cloves of garlic
2 pinches of dried ground ginger( I didn't have fresh)

This is what it looked like before the juicer}}}}}}}}}}}

And this was after!!!!!!!1

Isn't that just pretty!!

This is so delicious, I am going to have some more for lunch!!!!
Now I am finishing it off with sips from this beautiful mug!

Fresh White Tea with honey and lemon(and a pinch of ginger)
Makes a body feel stronger already!

Ok everyone, it is workout time! I think I will head to the market today to replenish my stock of fresh fruits and awesome veggies!!!
That's my four mile walk(round trip)!!!

Everyone have a most awesome day!!!!

Peace Peeps!!!!!

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