Thursday, October 4, 2012

Not Again!!?!!

DAY 10

Well getting into a routine with my workout has been good. I have managed to get up and get everyone out the door, and devote 40-45 mins to XFit and dancing. But yesterday proved to be an eye-opening event for me. Walking to school, was a "cool" thing and it was great! (I even found a fabulous house for sale right around the corner from her school.) It was this morning that was the turn around.
Emma, yet again, would not get up out of the bed. When she finally did, she was slower than molasses and just did not want to cooperate with me. Well, needless to say, she missed her bus.  OH!! Let's just say, I was not very happy with the prospect of yet another long walk this morning. (especially after walking another 2 miles last night to get to church!)
Anyways, as we walked along we found ourselves singing kid's songs(like three blind mice and farmer in the dale) and playing I-spy. My irritation eased into enjoyment as I realized one very special little thing: I was enjoying myself, really enjoying my time with Emma.
You see, I have started this new job, where I work very long hours. So the only time I have been seeing her is all day on Sundays, in the morning rushing her to the bus and in the evenings as she is going to bed. I had been thinking of how in the world I am going to be helping her when I am at work all the time. But My eye-opening thought this morning: Not only am I getting my excercise.....teaching my daughter good habits...but I am able to spend some quality time with her....That is worth it all. So what if I dont lose much weight....I am spending that time building memories with her that will be priceless in the years to come.

That being said......Welcome to my new workout!!!! :)

Make it a great day!   PEACE PEEPS!!

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