Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No More, No More!

 !!!!!!NEWS FLASH!!!!!!

When does one become aware of their body changing? I awoke today with a goal in mind: To go RIGHT BACK to bed!

Did this happen? OF COURSE NOT!

Well as I hopped into my workout this morning....I realized....that my jeans are falling off of my rear. If you know me, you know that I am rather flat in that area, so it wouldn't be too hard to do..lol.. However, I am actually feeling my waist line and other areas of my body changing. It's almost like they are melting away, and in some areas they REALLY DON'T NEED TO!!!


I am declaring WAR! War on my cravings and other insane wants. If I am absolutely honest with myself, (and if you are too)  I would tell myself that I dont need that "kind" of food. I am only wanting to open the Huumus and CHIPS because I am absolutely BORED to death.....and that is after the house has been cleaned, laundry finished and dishes washed. After I have finished my school work, and organized the little one's room, for the 2nd time this week!

No More! No More!! BOREDOM.....I mean, I am a mom, that is what we do, right?  I can sit and listen to music all day, I don't even watch movies or anything. (Because, of course, that would lead to a bag of popcorn!)

So with that thought out there, I found a great multivitamin for enhancement/tissue health that I believe that I will be trying. If you know what I mean! I will be letting you know when I start that as well as my changes, IF ANY.  I yell that last part due to my extreme doubt that it actually changes anything......but we shall see.

Ok on another note. I have been adding more fresh spinach into my diet this week, and have cut back drastically on the slow carbs, or those carbs that burn off at a ridiculously slow rate, like pastas, white grains and sugars. I am adding more of those fruits and veggies and less of the inane goodies(insert chocolate cake here)  :)

I hope everyone Has a fabulously health-conscious day!! Keep up the good work!!

Peace Peeps!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a great start... Guess what! My jeans are getting baggy, too! With my bountiful bootie, I doubt I will have to size down. Yay for hip huggers, right? ;) AND I added spinach to the grocery list last night, too! Great minds and all that!
    ...Don't forget to follow my blog if you don't already! I'm blogging every day to every three days!

  2. my clothes are getting baggy also niki!! if only MY BOTTOM would go away... :( it will, soon.. just not soon enough for I! lol! you are doing great! I am proud of you!