Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 15!

I am halfway through the month! I cannot say I am feeling very well today, as I believe i have a sinus problem. however, I am still eating right and doing my workout. I have reverted back to doin my XFIT since it has turned colder outside and am still walking 2-3 times a week with Emma. So I think it is still doing something.....I am down to 191.7. I am almost down to a size 14 again!! I have a pair of black dress pants that I put on for the first time ever and was able to get them all the way on and wear them to work on Friday!
I know this is hard work, but I have come to the conclusion that if I can control my mind then my body will follow. I have lots of school work to keep my hands busy and when I am hungry(and only near famishing) then I will eat a piece of fruit or celery/carrots. This WILL pay off! I am determined to not stop until I am in control of what I eat and think of myself! I know that I can do it, the only person who will stop me is me!

Carry on....Peace Peeps!!

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