Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Giving IN......

Ok, so I have been neglecting to blogg too often, here lately. I am not sure what's been worse, my desire to sleep or the desire to eat an entire chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! There's nothing worse than the temptation of eating chocolate cake, unless of course, that is, if one fulfills that wish buy buying not just one, but two in one week!!!

Yes, my friends, I am the thinker and the doer of chocolate cakes this week. Emma's birthday was on the 8th, and of course, I just got a very small one. not too bad. However it was the 1/4 sheet cake I ordered for her birthday party on Saturday that put me over the top!

We had decided to do a party at our local bowling alley, and when no one showed up, I felt the perpetual guilt of having this huge cake all to ourselves!!!  He he!!

Now, in my defense, I do have to say right here that I had kept up with working out until, of course, Saturday. Not so bad, right? But of course the cake just did it in for me. I have to let you know, it was addictive! Very, Very, Very addictive! And I felt so sluggish afterwards......And the mess is still in my FRIDGE!!!!

I won't say I haven't thought about getting a piece. But I refuse to.....

Workout today was 30 mins this morning, and then a 45 min walk home from taking Emma to swim lessons!

I guess I will be ok......I just said this to say....I am not giving in....I didn't even gain a pound!   NICE!   I didn't lose, but I didn't GAIN!!

Ok That's it, for now......keep your heads up.....we can do this, right?!?

Peace Peeps.......


  1. How sad, that no one showed up :( and left you with all that cake, you know there is a garbage can in your house, right? That really makes me sad that no one showed up, I hope you all had fun anyways. I could sure use a piece of that chocolate cake right now, guess its a good thing its 200 miles away from me. :)

  2. I know there's a trash can, but our dumpster hasn't been emptied in 2 weeks so there's nowhere to put it....which makes it even worse that I can't get rid of it....well that's why it's going down the
    And I sure wish u were closer cause I'd give you ALL of it, not just a piece!!