Monday, October 22, 2012



As I sit here, the sky is waning into golden hues of sunlight,
 melting into crisp oranges. I am reflecting on this journey and where it has led me so far. I have been able to keep a time log and pursue the goal of continuity among other things.

I am also reflecting on this last weekend with my friends and family. I have not been able to shake the overwhelming urge to cry.
 Not that I am unstable or depressed, but that I am overwhelmingly joyous over certain milestones that I have reached so far!

 I have noticed, however, that as I have eaten more meat, my mood has changed from great to absolutely awful!, I believe that there may be a direct correlation between these factors. I have not taken off of my workouts, though. To them I have been faithful, walking almost 4 miles a day!!!
Starting tomorrow I will go ahead and implement another mile, just to see if that will speed up any weight loss. Up to this point I am holding at about 190!!!

I am getting used to the routine of staying up all day with little sleep, only to wonder if maybe that also plays into my mood!!

  O well, I am proud of myself, though. I have never committed to a regular routine and held myself to it until now! I give all the effort I can, and take a day off here and there, but for the most part, I have followed without much fluctuation.
I will be looking forward to saying I have his the 20lb mark of loss!!! I am only 5lbs away, actually!!!

To that, I cheer up!!!

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  1. hang in there! you are doing good! every single timei say i am ready to give up with my weigth loss journey something happens and i see that i have lost weight, able to fit more comfortable in my clothes,etc... you can do it!