Wednesday, October 3, 2012



I have to admit it; I did NOT wanna get up and walk....working out at home is one thing but getting out there and having to walk back is quite another....We started out the only ones on our street then got about a mile down and a grandmother and grandson joined us, then around another there was a mother and her children walking to a bus stop, she was in her robe! Well she ran home and changed and they joined us too, by the time we got to the school there were about 15 in our entourage, needless to say, I was very thankful and Emma was beaming! We then learned when we arrived at the school, we had prizes of fruit and waters and the kids got notepads and crayons as prizes and got to enter raffle tickets for door prizes throughout the day! I am filled with much love this morning for my little dove who pushed me out the door this morning lol! 

So the scale says 193.4 this morning! I am happy with that. I feel a little bloated, but it's about that time. :( I have been working long hours and thought I might succomb to the munchies at work, but so far I have been good! I take nothing but just my lunch, a bowl of soup, then fresh fruits for my snacks, then water bottles to drink! I think I may be able to do this just a little longer....maybe....we will have to see. lol 

I really want to live this way, and it is hard. I have been having these cravings for junk food like crazy! I mean, not just chips, but dip and chocolate too!!! NOT COOL!!

O well I will do this! I have to do this, for me, for my family, for my future!!!

Peace peeps!


  1. I know your 'pain' I did really really good all last week - no junk all fruits & veggies. Got to a crop on Friday night & I munched out on those hot red pepper crackers (and I made them to get them out of the house, right?) Then we spent the night with Mrs Lisa and she fixed strawberry muffins (so had to have one) and then again munched on crackers & some popcorn. Went to Gilberts that evening & Sharon had fixed Jalapeno poppers (my first time ever - yumm) Sunday I did good - salad & my smoothies, then popcorn at night (yes, I have a point, hang on) Monday, it all feel apart, Zaxby's salad and then a chicken sandwich at Jacks that evening - boy did I suffer for it - heartburn that I couldn't get rid of - it was awful. Then last night I finished off a bag of Lays chips - again terribly heartburn. But I did have a veggie plate Rolo's. But yeah, I think that pretty much cured me for the SAD part :)

  2. EWW! It's ok, you fall down, just get right back on and keep going. The hardest part is not to blame yourself, that's what's hard!